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Pamela F. Etchison, D.D.S.

Cosmetic and General Dentistry

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  Our hygiene department works with people from 3 years and up.  We offer non-surgical periodontal (gum) treatment, called deep cleaning or scaling and root planning, including antibiotic therapy .  If a person's periodontal disease doesn't resolve after this therapy, we work with several periodontists throughout the city who can take the next step in solving this problem.


  Dr.  Etchison has been offering orthodontics in her practice for almost 30 years.  Her treatment modalities include using traditional brackets, both metal and ceramic, clear-tray orthodontics such as Clear Correct, and Fastbraces.  Fastbraces uses a different bracket design than traditional orthodontics that makes teeth move more quickly shortening treatment time from years to months in many instances.


Sedation dentistry is for those who are apprehensive at the thought of even minimal dentistry.  Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can be administered  without advanced notice and allows patients to drive home after breathing oxygen for 3-5 minutes following the procedure.    With advanced notice arrangements can be made to make to make your dental experience relaxing using medication.  A patient will need someone to drive and monitor them after oral sedation.  We want you to be at ease while your here!


Dr. Etchison works with many oral surgeons and periodontists in our city to replace missing teeth with dental implants.  They emiminate the need to reduce the teeth around the space or wear a removable appliance to replace teeth.


Cosmetic dentistry such as bonding and veneers have been a part of our practice since early on.  We work closely with our lab to attain natural-looking teeth through custom shading for more complex situations.  Teeth whitening can be tailored to a patient's needs using different strengths of bleach to attain a whiter smile while eliminating sensitivity.


Replacing and strengthening teeth is an integral part of our practice.  Our office places crowns, bridges, partial dentures made from many different materials,and conventional dentures as well as implant-retaineddentures.


Our office performs simple extractions.  If your problem requires more complex oral surgery, we team with two offices who provide a complete menu of oral surgery options, including IV sedation.  The doctors in these offices are dentists, oral surgeons and physicians.


Wake up with makeup!  Our office has offered permanent cosmetics for over 12 years.  Dr. Etchison received her training from a dermatologist and works with other physicians to learn the latest techniques to keep our permanent cosmetic clients beautiful.  Scar reduction/relaxation is a remarkable way to almost eliminate unsightly scars.  Dr. Etchison has worked with physicians to help accident victims and people with cleft lips achieve minimal scarring.  Camouflage can help hide unwanted birth marks or discolored areas on the skin.


Our office offers emergency root canal therapy and works with many endodontists in our city to complete this procedure.